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About the Migration Heritage Project

TO DEFINE, RECORD, PROTECT AND PROMOTE MIGRANT HERITAGE IN WOLLONGONG AND THE ILLAWARRA The Migration Heritage Project is a community initiative designed to protect and promote the heritage of Illawarra's diverse cultural communities. The project aims to achieve this goal by linking with a wide range of communities, talking about the importance of protecting our heritage and providing the resources that groups and individuals need to record and celebrate their heritage.


One of our priorities is to continue linking with community groups and involving them in workshops demonstrating how to protect and promote their cultural heritage. To help with this process, we have produced a brochure called “Documenting the Migration Heritage of the Illawarra”, as well as an information package and other tools. We are identifying new sources of funding and support, and linking community groups with funding sources for their own projects.


At THE MIGRATION HERITAGE PROJECT we have accomplished many achievements

Our Committee

The Migration Heritage Project committee have been elected to ensure that it runs smoothly and its vision and mission are achieved, on behalf of all who are associated with us. It’s made up of eight people with a mix of knowledge, skills, and experience.


Volunteers enrich our culture, strengthen our relationships and help to make our work more effective by contributing their time, skills, energy and enthusiasm. "I volunteer my time to support the Migration Heritage Project because I am proud of my heritage and proud of my parents who migrated to Australia without a word of English and devoted their whole life to a building a better future. I want people to know about the toils and hardships, the celebrations and adaptations, the creation of new customs and the embracing and shaping of a new Australian way of life. We owe our ancestors a debt to remember them and the foundations they laid for us. If we don’t record their stories, they will be lost forever. This is what drives and inspires me to give a little back, for the fortunes I enjoy today as a result of their sacrifices and the sacrifices…


The MHP is a not-for-profit, volunteer organisation registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC). Projects that allow the MHP to showcase migrant heritage are normally funded by successful grant applications which are competitive. Your support assists the MHP to continue its work without impacting on project work. Financial aid or in-kind support means you value the work of the MHP and would like to assist without becoming a member or sponsor. Please contact us to find out more


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